CloverHut competition: Spanish Apartment with Stunning Sea Views Near Murcia

Solid hardwood furniture from Urban Editions

Apartment in Rome within Sight of the Colosseum

Win an Apartment in Rome within Sight of the Colosseum


Active Competition
Closing Date: 31-Dec-2021

The Property Prize

Property Type: Apartment
Country: Italy
Location: Rome
Market Value: €1,700,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: $10
Target Ticket Sales: 275,000

This property is in an apartment block just 80m from the world famous Roman Colosseum.

The apartment is spacious and airy with marble floors, large windows and high ceilings giving it a classy feel, the furniture which is included in the prize adds to this character. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a large open plan living space. There is also a balcony with views over the interior courtyard garden. The location needs no introduction, right in the heart of Italy's capital city, walking distance to so many tourist attractions and so much history.

The competition is being run by the same person as the recent successful competition to win a house in a central Italian village. Note that it is being run under UK competition law, requiring a question to be answered, while tickets are priced in dollars and the apartment in Euros!