Brand new, 2-bedroom apartment in Ballintemple, Cork

Win A brand new, 2-bedroom apartment in Ballintemple, Cork


Active Competition
Closing Date: 5-Oct-2019

The Property Prize

Property Type: House
Country: Ireland
Location: Ballintemple, Cork
Market Value: €290,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: €100
Target Ticket Sales: 4,500

This new build property is on a new estate being constructed in the suburbs of Cork in Southern Ireland.

It will be fitted out to a high standard with high spec kitchen appliances and is well insulated and fitted with a heat pump and air circulation system. Ouside there wil be cobble driveways and a lawn and patio rear garden.

This competition is being run by a group of football clubs which has become a very popular and successful method, your ticket entry fee effectively buys you membership of the club and then a members draw will decide the winner. Multiple competitions of this type have now successfully given away the property as the top prize.

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