Grade II Listed House Formerly Owned by Fred Dibnah

Win a Grade II Listed House Formerly Owned by Fred Dibnah


Closed Competition
Closing Date: 31-Jul-2019

The Property Prize

Property Type: House
Country: England
Location: Bolton
Market Value: £450,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: £10
Target Ticket Sales: 50,000

This property was a Victorian gatehouse close to Bolton town centre where the steeplejack and TV presenter Fred Dibnah once lived.

The detached house has the upstairs at street level with three bedrooms while downstairs there is a rustic kitchen with an aga. At the back there is a large plot of about one third of an acre with a workshop. Fred Dibnah was originally a steepljack, fixing chimneys but became a household name for his TV appearances focused around engineering, he died in 2004.

The competition is a spot the ball type and with only 50,000 ticket sales needed it has a good chance of success if well publicised.

Competition Outcome

Winning Prize: Cash Alternative
Tickets Sold: 1,030

The competition was stopped when it became clear it would not reach its target sales. A cash alternative prize of £7,000 was awarded to a man from Wigan.

The ticket sales were barely over 1,000, raising on £10,300, and the organiser of the competition claims to have lost £14,000 due to the costs exceeding the revenues considerably.