One Bedroom Apartment in Liverpool Donated by Robbie Fowler


Closed Competition
Closing Date: 29-May-2020

The Property Prize

Property Type: Apartment
Country: England
Location: Liverpool
Market Value: £121,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: £10

The footballer Robbie Fowler is involved with property developement and is giving away this apartment to raise money for NHS COVID-19 support.

The apartment is in the new St Anne's Gardens, a new block being developed in Liverpool by Elatus Developments . It is a one bedroom apartment fitted out to a luxurious standard, although the construction has only just started and the property will not be ready until autumn/winter 2021 so the winner will need to wait!

The competition will be giving away free entries for NHS workers.

Competition Outcome

Winning Prize: Unknown

The competition has disappeared from the website, try to find out what happened.