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One bedroom flat in Brixton

Win a One bedroom flat in Brixton


Closed Competition
Closing Date: 30-Jun-2019

The Property Prize

Property Type: Apartment
Country: England
Location: Brixton
Market Value: £650,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: £5
Target Ticket Sales: 120,000

This newly refurbished flat in Brixton is spacious and light with its own large balcony.

Inside there is a large kitchen/living area to the front of the property while at the back is the single bedroom and access to the large balcony, big enough for a party apparently. The flat is well located in a residential road between Brixton and Clapham with all the amenities you could ever need nearby.

The competition is involves answering one question, but with a 30 second time limit it makes it more of a challenge. With good publicity this competition stands a good chance of selling the required 150,000 tickets. Additionally, there are three £1,000 prizes and a contribution to a homeless charity.

Enter the Competition:

Competition Outcome

Winning Prize: Cash Alternative
Tickets Sold: 80,925

The competition did well but was still short of the ticket target. The winner of the cash alternative prize, a lady from London, received a cheque for £173,012.93 and £14,000 went to the selected charity.