Three Storey House in Canadian Village near Calgary

Win a Three Storey House in Canadian Village near Calgary


Closed Competition
Closing Date: 5-Jul-2019

The Property Prize

Property Type: House
Country: Canada
Location: Millarville, Alberta
Market Value: C$1,700,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: C$25
Target Ticket Sales: 68,000

This house was built as a show home less than ten years ago with mountain views from the bedroom.

The property is beautifully crafted over three storeys with a balcony and mountain view to the Rockies. It features a spa-like bedroom and a wine cellar, a dark wood has been used to create an ornate antique finish to the inside of the property.

The competition is quite unique, entrants must submit a 350-word letter explaining why they want the house. These will be whittled down to 500 finalists and then a single winner selected, I hope they left enough time to read 68,000 letters! Some of the proceeds fo the competition will also be going to a charity, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. Entries must include the payment in Canadian Dollars through various payment methods including PayPal. If the competition fails to reach it's target sales then all entries will be refunded.

Competition Outcome

Winning Prize: Unknown
Tickets Sold: 5,000

The competition flooded the organiser with letters, but the volume was nowhere near enough and she will be refunding entries as far as I can tell.