Villa and Bar in Medieval Town in Central Italy

Win a Villa and Bar in Medieval Town in Central Italy


Active Competition
Closing Date: 15-Aug-2020

The Property Prize

Property Type: House
Country: Italy
Location: Pendenza, Lazio
Market Value: €350,000

The Competition

Ticket Cost: $50
Target Ticket Sales: 7,000

This is a spacious villa with four bedrooms and two bathrooms and a large kitchen area.

Additionally attached to the villa is a 30 seater bar/restaurant known as the Texas Catina, but it unclear whether this is an active trading business or not. The villa is set is large grounds and a patio on the edge of a medieval village of Pendenza in the hills of the central Italian region of Lazio.

The competition is being run under UK law so a question must be answered when entering. Note that the entry cost is denominated in US Dollars and not in Pounds.

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